After busting her butt for nearly 16 years (counting all the pre-qualification work to get into vet school in the first place), Cece has finally earned the right to practice veterinary medicine in New Zealand.

The Veterinary Council of New Zealand has sent a simple document, suitable for framing, that says as much.


And they may have to send a third one. This is because Murphy (he of the Law) keeps messing with the documents.

The first time, it got left out in the rain and got water damaged…


…and so Cece asked the VCNZ to kindly send another one.

Which they kindly did.
And they kindly put “Do Not Bend” on the envelope.
And our postal carrier kindly chose to be an iconoclastic rebel and prove the VCNZ ain’t the boss of him.



Luckily, we might be able to salvage the current one with a towel and a medium-hot iron, so hopefully we won’t have to give the VCNZ any reason to believe we’re selling these documents to the highest bidder.

Not this time, Mr. Murphy!