It has been quite some time that I’ve posted. In fact, all of 4th and 5th year have been complete silence on this site.  To make a long story short, shit got h a r d.  That, and the fact that the school put into place a restriction of sharing photos of animals taken at the hospital made things a lot less fun to post.

For 10 1/2 years, my only concern was to get into vet school.  Then it became all about making it through vet school, one grueling semester at a time.  The latest goal was to take my final exams and graduate.  Now that all the scores are in and all the paperwork properly filed, it is finally official.

Problem is, I never anticipated coming to the end of the line.  The end of the line meant no more safety net.  No more safety of the teaching hospital where my every decision and action were double and triple checked.  From now on, everything I do, I carry the sole responsibility.  And that is the most terrifying realization.

With the end of finals came one week of flu-like symptoms brought on by the release of serious stress.  But there was no time to lose as the university had just unleashed 95 brand-new unemployed grads with a big bag of student loans.  I paper bombed all of Wellington and the surrounding area with my CV, nervously awaiting a call, email, anything.

Three interviews later, I got the call.  No sleep was had for the days leading up to my first day.  I’ve now been with them for less than a week and things are looking optimistic.

And now we’re all caught up.

I’m going to try and continue blogging about how the next few months go as it will surely be entertaining for you to see me flailing my way towards competency – not so much for me.  Keep in mind I need to maintain confidentiality and respect for both the clinic and the clients so…..we’ll see how this goes.

For you doubters out there.  We now have photographic proof.  Water damaged proof (thanks Wellington postal service for leaving this sitting in the rain for me), but still proof.  (The remote control protects sensitive info and the terrible shadow is because I’m running late for work and you’ll take what I give you, dammit!)