There’s an old joke about a shifty-looking guy asking a straight-laced man if he has any naked pictures of his wife.  After the straight man repeatedly insists he doesn’t have any naked pictures of his own wife, Shifty casually asks “You want some?”

Cue the rimshot.

But seriously folks, I’m here to talk about nude pictures of my wife.

(Note that in the joke, it’s naked pictures. When I’m talking about Cece, it’s nude pictures. The difference? Confidence!)

Every year at Massey University, the 3rd year vet students sell a fund-raising calendar. Way back in the dawn of time it became a saucy, cheeky nude calendar, and sales have gone up ever since.

This year is Cece’s year. And she’s trying to figure out what kind of saucy, cheeky scenarios she wants to do.

Y’see, this isn’t Playboy with its soft-focus Photoshopped Barbie dolls. This is saucy and cheeky and fun, and so you need a scenario.

Something to do with animals. Or veterinary science. Or academia.

Now for your part. If you’re friends of ours, chances are you’re kind of awesome. And creative. And saucy, and cheeky.  And possibly nude.

So we want your help. We’d love your ideas on scenarios, locations, poses. The funnier and cleverer the betterer.

If Cece picks your idea, we’ll send you some possum-fur nipple warmers. Or maybe a possum-fur willy warmer.  Trust me, they’re awesomerer than they sound.

Let the suggestions begin!

[Added by Cece later: My name is Cecilia Barr, this message has been edited and edited and edited again for content. I now approve this message.]