Today we went to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

They have over 100 giant pussies, all in very large enclosures with as much of a natural environment as possible.

They started as kind of a petting zoo – they would rescue the cats from fur farms and abusive owners, and visitors could actually hang out with the cats. Hold them on their laps, get their pictures taken, that kind of thing.

But over time they’ve become a true sanctuary – they no longer buy or sell the cats, and they never touch the cats except for medical procedures.

As a sanctuary, the welfare of the cats is more important than the entertainment of the people, but even without making them jump through hoops or engage in a mock United Nations debate, many of the cats were playful and seemed almost as curious about us as we were about them.

Clearly this animal just wants a good tummy scratchin'

Tickle mah chin. Go on, I dares ya

Demon Cat's cousin Jumanji is slightly bigger, no less lazy

I was looking around for horny older women, but I guess they were well camouflaged

My camera thought the fence was more interesting than the cougar...

... until the cougar started sizing us up for a midday snack.

A guy in our group said his wife wanted to know if a leopard could change its spots.

No joke here. The enclosure was smaller than my tiny living room.

This guy looks really interested in something...

... ah, yes. These guinea hens must have a death wish.

This guy isn't a cat, but he's so damn cool they let him in anyway.

Dude's the size of a medium dog.

Look at that face. He rivals the honey badger with how much of a shit he does not give.

Just chillin

Bath time

Hello, ladies!

Look at that smirk. This cat has attitude, baby.

Talk to the tail.

Making sure we got her good side.

Time for a nippy nap

In Cat Yoga, this is called the Turkey Pose

From the shadows you can see how close we could get

Kitty don't play dat

There are only two white (non-albino) servals in the world, and they're both here

And that was that. The whole tour was about an hour and a half, and I only showed you about half of the animals we saw. It was well worth the $30 admission – especially since most of the workers are volunteers and almost all of that ticket price goes straight to taking care of the cats.

Tomorrow David is flying back to Seattle. 😦 It was fun to have the whole family together for a few days.  I guess I’m just going to have to drink David’s share of the craft beers we bought today.