Look Ma, I’m famous!

Massey University’s new Artist in Residence

(I took that pic against the backdrop of our guest mattress. Cece thinks the photo is stretched sidewise. I think that’s just my face.)

Massey University, the Palmerston North City Council, and the Square Edge artist collective have teamed up to create an artist residency, designed to get an artist away from the hustle and bustle of their regular lives for three months to allow them to do their art. They do three residencies a year – a fine artist, a novelist or poet, and a film/media type like me. Each gets 3 months’ residency, with a stipend, an office on campus, and an apartment in town.

(I told Cece that I should keep the apartment just in case I needed to do some one-on-ones with comely young coeds, but she didn’t appreciate my willingness to help the university. So, no apartment. Sorry, coeds.)

I originally heard about the residency because they film/media artist in residence last year was Sally Tran, the director of the movie I wrote this year. If she hadn’t had the residence, we never would have gotten to know each other and I wouldn’t have been asked to work on her movie.

They usually post the opening for the residency on websites for the creative community like The Big Idea, but for this one they shoulder-tapped a few people and asked us to submit applications.

So now I have three months to do my “art” as soon as I figure out what that is. I want to write a spec script because I haven’t written something of my own for a while, but I feel like the ideas I have don’t feel “worthy” enough of the title Artist in Residence.  I feel like my usual lesbians and exploding helicopters aren’t going to be enough.

…But maybe lesbians, exploding helicopters and ZOMBIES!  Hmmm…