Aww bless.  Just look at her.  She looks……full.

T minus 9 days and counting until the stork starts dotting the landscape with snow white, pink nosed beautiful lambs.

Campus farm management has prepped her and the rest of the girls by crutching and dagging the flock (shaving the belly and butt).  This eases birthing as well as exposes the teats to the newborns.  Kind of like that Mommy Makeover that everyone is raving about.

Ladies with blue spray paint indicate ewes bearing multiples.  They get separated from single bearing ewes because they have less gut fill.  Imagine, what if the preggo lady next to you only had one foetus in her.  She has more room in her abdomen; therefore, she can eat more.  Now imagine you with  two foetuses using your bladder as a trampoline and your rumen is now shoved up where your lungs should be.  You can’t eat as much as you need to.  The single bearing preggo isn’t going to eat less because you have less room for food. In fact, she’s going to steal food from your plate.  There will be a hair pulling fight on our hands if we don’t separate these ladies.  Hence, we need to indicate who has multiples and who has singles and put them in different paddocks.

No, I'm not accusing you of anything

These ladies have been through a lot.  First, they had a single lothario put in their paddock.  This one arrogant ram visited each lady one by one.  If that weren’t insulting enough, he was wearing a ram harness – a harness with a brightly colored crayon.  When he mates with a ewe, this crayon leaves a neon coloured mark on the heiny of a ewe.  Its a mark of triumph for him, a tramp stamp for her.  And then some snot nosed vettie students come over week by week to check out your tramp stamp and mark it down in the mating records.

So now they’re knocked up.  The ram is long gone.  The hard times don’t end there because their fluffy insulating wool now acts as a potential hazard.  Now that the girls have put on a bit of weight they have the very real scenario of getting stuck on their backs.  With all that fluffy wool, if she dares lay down and roll onto her side with a little too much gusto, she winds up on her back.  For you and me, that’s no problem.  But for her, her fluffy fleece acts as a wedge that keeps her firmly on her back.  She may be able to get a nice rock and forth action going but she’ll never be able to roll back on to her belly.  No, she has to wait for the farmer to walk on by and notice her and then flip her back onto her feet.

See?  This girl doesn’t have a blue mark on her back meaning she’s carrying a single lamb.  Doesn’t she look so much more comfortable?  What a camera hogging diva.

Jeez, this poor girl is not only pregnant, she’s also sporting the old 60’s Romney wooly face look.  All the fashionable girls had that bred out of them years ago.  This girl has to rely on the farm hands to shear all that wool off her face to make her look like the others (but we all know the truth).  Even when she has her face shorn, she still looks like JoJo the Dog Boy.

Why is there one in every flock that absolutely must give me the stink eye from afar?