My lecture notes are printed out and my satchel is packed.  I still don’t know what I’m going to wear for the first day back.  That used to be a decision I would agonize over days prior.  Now, I turn to my wardrobe staples – jeans, $10 K-mart hoodie and my All Stars.

Before each new semester I entertain my borderline OCD tendencies.  I’ve been taking all my notes, tests and study guides from last semester and filing them away in properly labelled banker boxes.  Beautifully organized for easy access, these papers will never again see the light of day.  I don’t know why I keep them but better safe than sorry.

While packing, I came across a gem that I couldn’t resist posting.  It’s my graded Physiology II exam.  I remember taking the exam, so excited that I had gotten the question asking me to describe medullary concentration of the kidney and its effect on urine production.  I was a writing machine, absolutely on fire.  Man, they were going to marvel at the level of understanding I had on this subject.  I was the Medulla Queen.

Until I got the exam back.  The professor only needed one word.

Oh Snap!