After going round and round the molecular genetics bush, Dana and I gave up and moved on to arrow diagrams.  She did one for our family tree so there was no way she could claim ignorance on this one.

Arrow diagrams are your basic genetic map illustrating the lineage of Offspring X except with arrows instead of brackets like you usually see.  Why the arrows and not lines?  I don’t know.  But I knew my allotment of questions were limited with the genetics genie so I stayed focus with the task at hand.

The following is Dana’s first and last attempt at tutoring me on the lineage of a thoroughbred horse.

Me:  (in a whiny voice)  I don’t understand this.

Dana:  It’s easy, just follow the arrows.

Me:  (still whining)  I can’t, I keep getting tangled.

Dana:  How?!  It’s easy.

Me:  Well, I can follow the grandparents to the parents but then the mother gets bred back to the grandfather and the offspring is bred to its cousin.



Thus endeth the lesson.