A couple of months ago, Cece painted a couple of cool paintings.  She’s a talented artist, though she’d be the last to admit it.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my screenwriting students (Feterika “Fred” Sao) brought a bunch of different examples of woven flax. He made bracelets, baskets, funny little fish, and a cleverly-interwoven thing I can’t describe but it looked cool.

He asked if I wanted any of them, so I took the cleverly-interwoven-thing-I-can’t-describe-but-looked-cool. I brought it home and hung it up on the wall.

Then Cece had a flash of inspiration. She painted over one of her paintings to make a suitable background, and created a piece of collaborative art.

I call it “Cleverly-Interwoven Thing I Can’t Describe But It Looked Cool On A Bitchin’ Background,” by the multimedia art team of Cecilia Barr & Fred Sao (aka CeceSao).

Bidding starts at $9,998.