By far, the princess of the hospital.  She’s a member of the NZ nucleus herd which is basically bovine royalty, so yeah, she’s our princess.

Being a part of a nucleus herd means her genes are the creme de la creme, the latest culmination of intensely selective breeding over generations.  It is because of her biological wealth that she’s in the hospital but its because of her demeanor that makes us so fond of her.

It’s really something else to muck out a stall while a cow does her very best to help you.  One minute I’ll be shoveling out a rather mucky spot and the next thing I know I’ve got a big ol’ cow snout looking over my shoulder sniffing my ear.  Cute yes, helpful no.

Probably the most endearing characteristic of our girl is her inability to go one minute without emitting.  She’s a giant methane factory which she can’t help.  Her entire digestive tract is a fermentation vat so it is literally a case of poot or perish for her.

That’s still not the most endearing part.  What is so very cute is that she doesn’t trumpet like the big cow that she is.  No, she’s a lady.  Instead, it’s more like a giant balloon slowly, slowly. slowly deflating.

That’s our gorgeous girl, Angela.