So let me introduce you to the Nervous Nelly’s of the hospital.

This is Bonnie.

This wee lass is but only a week old.  So young that we have to guide her to the bottle for feeding time.  It’s hard not to waste time hanging out in her stall giving her head scratches and cooing at those big brown eyes.  Also, she shares a heating lamp with Penny and it is the warmest place to hang out on those cold, cold mornings.


Hmmmm, ever get that feeling someone’s watching you?

That’s because she is watching you.  Always.   She has no name and that’s sad because she really deserves one.  Mucking out her stall is a balance between getting the job done and not giving her a heart attack.  Not an easy feat.

This is not the face of trust

I like to think I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to the ones of more fragile mind.  After all, you know my girl, Mab, Queen of the Faeries, She of Shattered Nerves, aka Her Nerves Is Bad.

And of course, there’s me.

We’d form a club if we didn’t have such an aversion to, well, other people.