I missed my weekly Sunday morning call to the parents.  While I know Dad probably let is pass lightly, I’m sure Mom imagined the worst – I’m injured in a ditch somewhere, I’m alone and without help, I’m probably not wearing my good underwear and the paramedics will judge me and eventually, the parents that raised me not to know better.  But I have a good excuse, I swear.

Meet Penny.

She mean.

I’m talking, Penny’s-on-a-diet-and-she-is-pissed kind of mean.  And Penny isn’t all that cooperative when it comes time for me to muck the spot she’s sleeping in.  So you see, the reason I didn’t call on Sunday is that I had this big lump of pork threatening to charge me while snarling and barking like a dog.

Aw yeah.  Just drink in all that pig.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCH THE PIGGY TOES!!  My God, don’t even think about touching those toes.  I know it’s tempting but nothing gets this pig yelling at you quite like when you go for those toes.

So now you know.  I swear I’ll call first thing Monday morning 🙂