Who is this woman?

She’s the one who always thinks of a compliment when faced with another one of my random hair color changes.  “Oh my, those neon blue streaks really compliment the color of your eyes.”  or “How clever of you to bleach your hair blonde and leaving your dark roots so they match the color of your glasses.  I never would have thought to do that”.

She’s the one that turns to her deep Catholic roots when her left-wing atheist daughter calls to tell her something or other has gone wrong.  With strong but calm assurance that everything will turn out all right, her hidden maternal angst wills the universe to send a solution my way.

She’s the one that never forgets to send my three cats Christmas gifts even though the thought of three shedding, constantly vomiting animals jumping all over the furniture gives her an extreme sense of the creeps.  She even dares to give them hugs knowing full well her eyes will swell shut and she won’t stop sneezing for a solid week.

She’s the one that sends me grape jelly in the mail because she knows I can’t get it here in New Zealand and I have a refusal to eat jam with mushy fruit in it.

And no matter how old I get, she’s the one always trying to convince me to eat tomatoes.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love, Bright Eyes Bushy Tail