Just a head’s up, Steve and I are doing our first ever kill, cook, eat with a group of like-minded friends.  A buddy/fellow vet student has gone beyond simply wishing to raise her own chickens for meat and eggs.  She’s gone out and done it.

At first she was hesitant about the big day where we would gather at her house to kill and prep the chickens for a big meal.  But then the cockrels started crowing and making all kinds of a ruckus in her backyard.  She’s taken all she can take.

The big day is this Friday.  Let’s see if Steve and I can both talk the talk and walk the walk.  We believe we should know where our food comes from.  And no, chickens don’t fall from heaven plucked, washed and shrink-wrapped for your convenience

I want to put money down on Steve passing out.