The above picture is the night before Anatomy lab.  Not an exam, a lab.  Ususally, lab is a laborious three hours where you blindly struggle through the assigned dissections and come home cranky and burned out.

But not this semester.

This semester gives us the introduction of official vet student name tags.  I loved the idea of my very own grown-up name tag.  Right up until I realized what they were really for – spontaneous oral quizzes.  These once seemingly harmless name tags are more like giant bulls-eyes.  You can’t hide when the roaming instructors call your name.

Our new schedule carves out three hours dedicated to pre-lab preparation.  And it still isn’t enough time.  Preparation includes no less than three anatomy textbooks, an online anatomy museum, lecture notes, lab notes and anything else you can get your hands on to help you prepare.

At some point in the night, you just have to close the books and call it a day.

And it’s only week two….

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