The madness has taken hold of me and I can’t stop.  Once the chair was complete I shifted my gaze over our little apartment and hunted for my next project.  And behold!  Our new Salvation Army couch was a perfect candidate.  Not only would I have even more reason to whip out that staple gun, but there would be a small amount of demolition involved as well (to make Steve feel included, of course).

We purchased the sofa more for the roominess and less for the country, Holly Hobby vibe it was giving off.  Those big, overstuffed arms would have to be streamlined and the roundness of the back leveled off.  Without any kind of a plan, we just started hacking and slashing because that’s how we roll in the big N.Z.

A few hundred staples later and this is what we’ve got:

Of course we ran out of fabric so the cushions are there to stay until I get the energy to get more

Stay tuned for the debut of the finished product.