If you’ve ever visited our condo back in LA, you know we’re addicted to IKEA.  Oh IKEA, how we miss you so.  You with all your super cheap furniture with clean lines and funky patterns.

New Zealand is holding out on the inevitable invasion of mass produced cheap home furnishings.  But while the country waits with baited breath for the ban on IKEA to be lifted, we have to make due with what we’ve got.  And what we’ve got is a bunch of recycled furniture from the 60’s.  Of course, we could go to a grown up’s furniture store and sell a vital organ in exchange for a sofa, but we’re cheap that way.

Our latest purchase was a cool little slipper chair we came across at a yard sale for $20.  The shape of the chair was perfect; however, the shredded and tattered upholstery was not.  So I grabbed a couple of my girlfriends and we spent the afternoon hemming and hawing over different fabric options (an afternoon that would have surely killed my husband).

Ever had a great idea that seemed really easy but the actual execution turned out to be impossible?  No?  Well then try and reupholster a chair with no previous experience.  Staple guns are a lot of fun right up until it jams and you end up shooting a stray staple into the palm of your hand.

And now for the unveiling of the finished product.

Taa Daah!