His real name is Ernie but I have deemed it too pedestrian for such an amazing personality.

6:30 am every Saturday and Sunday, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand I head over to the Massey Equine Hospital while still trying to wake myself up.  I step in the small animal stalls and up pops this little face




Ernie greets me with an infectious amount of joy expressed in the form of non-stop tail wagging and if I’m lucky, a little dance.  When he really gets going he jumps up and down in a circle while bucking and kicking out those little legs.

What are those little flaps hanging down from his neck? No one can tell me.

The poor guy has been cooped up in the hospital with no company for so long he’s now taken to making conversation with me while I muck out his stall.  With a mouth full of hay he comments on spots I’ve missed or places where he feels the straw could use a little more fluffing.  He simultaneously messes up the stall as I clean it by insisting on nose diving in his big bucket of hay.  When he lifts his head he not only has his mouth stuffed but also has a hat and lei all made out of fresh hay.

Our little morning routine ends when I finish mucking his stall and refill his bucket with fresh water.  He takes the last few bites of hay and then takes a long slurpity glurp of water.  That’s the sign for me to give him a nice head scratch and move on to other things.