Those were the first words spoken to me by Robbie, the farrier I’ve been assisting for the past week.  I tell a lie, he prefaced that with “since you can’t really do much else right now”.  And in all honesty, I couldn’t (still can’t for that matter).  He first plucked the anvil out from the bed of his truck with one hand making it seem light as a feather.  It looked small and harmless, like a pewter replica you would put in your garden to give it an Old West feel alongside the begonias.  I reached down with my left hand and attempted to lift it with the same ease and just about lost that arm.  By the time I used both hands to hoist it up he was already geared up and headed into the stables.  This must be a common sight for him as he looked over his shoulder and bellowed “c’mon now, build those muscles”.  I obediently waddle behind lugging the one thing I’m determined to master on my first day.