Today I got to go with Cece to her new job. Last month she worked on a dairy farm, learning all about the Ladies Who Munch. This month she’s working at the on-campus equine center, learning all about the Ladies Who Buck.

It doesn’t help that she’s deathly allergic to horses. And hay. She’d never let hives and borderline anaphylactic shock get between her and her four-legged wards.

(This, by the way, is why she’s going to take over the world.)

So official

American Gothic has nothing on Kiwi Gothic

This is the reaction I got when I asked if she wanted a roll in the hay...

...but how could I not want a roll in the hay with such a paragon of femininity?

This foal is only a couple of weeks old, being fed through an IV

You know what they say - "Animal hospitals make strange bedfellows."

They're neigh-bors. Get it? NEIGHbors? Get it? C'mon.

The goat has a broken leg. It's a broke goat.


This is the foal's momma

Cece is so fast and efficient, she blurs

Some people call her the Horse Bellower.

Caring for horses isn't all champagne and caviar

And I was proud of myself for cleaning the cat litter...

There’s a big difference between hay and straw.

Hay is the stuff that goes into a horse.

Straw is the what they use to catch the stuff that comes out of a horse.

Hey! It’s hay!

And now I know where courdoroy comes from.

Cece's only been doing this for 2 days, and already she's comfy with the big-ass creatures

Hi big guy. What's that on your head?

This guy had a tube surgically implanted in his sinuses, to help with drainage. After a few more days of allergies, Cece might opt for the same thing

If our life were Green Acres, I'd be the Eva Gabor