Unfortunately I didn’t do a post for my first day at the dairy shed but luckily my husband can always be counted on to tweet our everyday events.  With a quick search through his Twitter history, this is what he wrote immediately after I returned from my first day as a milker:

Beautiful Wife had her first practical experience at a dairy farm today. She’s traumatized, the cows are traumatized, even the milkman weeps

Very soon we’ll be adding to my long list of terrible first-day-on-the-job descriptions.  Saturday morning, bright and early, I start mucking out stalls and, if all goes well, get to drive a tractor.  Monday marks the start of a three week adventure working with a traveling farrier.  I don’t even know what the hell a farrier is.  Is it some sort of a blacksmith?  Will I be a squire?  Anyone have some bellows I can borrow?