About that job.  You guys know about as much as I do concerning it.  As far as I can tell, I’m hired, the paperwork has been completed and I’m waiting for a call telling me to come in.  What concerns me is the relaxed nature of the whole thing.  As soon as the job was posted via email, I pounced with a CV (resume) and formal cover letter.  Steve had to edit it to give it a more “Kiwi” feel as they aren’t as stiff-collared and formal, especially when shoveling poo is the main objective.

I got a response and immediately followed up on it, only to get silence on the other end for a couple of days.  I emailed them again which seems to have reminded them that they had indeed posted an open position and were accepting applications.  And then it got a little strange.  “Why don’t you come by and make sure this is something you’re willing to do?”  I assured them I knew copious amounts of horse poo, early mornings and minimum wage were all involved and I was as ready to give it a go.

Again, silence on their end.

So I paid them a surprise visit and again I got the question “Are you sure you want to do this?  It’s hard work and not much money” but this time with a tour of the horse stalls.  Our last communication was a day ago and I’m still waiting for a start date.

Ah well, in the meantime I’ll just imagine all the horrors those horses must put the stable hands through.  Perhaps I’m simply following in the steps of barrister Jonathan Harker taking on the client of Count Dracula.  Either way, should make for an interesting summer job.

Now, time to catch the Gord and de-flea him.  You heard me.