I’m starting to recognize the ladies by their characteristics.  If I’m down in the pit putting on cups, I recognize one girl by her wonk teats.  One points due west while the other directs me southeast and to get to her two front teats you have to battle her dirty pendulum of a tail and kicking hind legs.  Another cow enjoys being difficult by standing so far forward in her stall I basically have to crawl up under the railing into the dangerous kick zone to reach her.  I think she does that on purpose.

Since I’ve been spending the last two weeks up on my wobbly perch doing oestrus watch, I’ve also grown accustomed to identifying them by their butts.  Big butts, pointy butts, dirty butts, and round butts.  Some girls are so tiny, painting their tail requires me to lean over the railing so I can reach them.  Some butts are so ginormous that if I get distracted and don’t see her coming by on the rotary that big ol’ butt will push me off my perch.

One girl in particular caught my eye.  Every morning, without fail, she rolls by me covered head to tail in hay.  Turns out she’s a bit of an odd duck of the herd.  The site of the farm guys filling the hay bin sends this overjoyed lady into such a tizzy she has to dive her head in and shower herself in hay.  I think I love her the most.