In lieu of a paycheck, I’ve been offered free milk fresh off the farm.  “Er, um…yeah….sure, I’ll be sure to bring a milk jug tomorrow” has been my excuse for the past two weeks.  I’ve seen where the milk comes from, I’ve seen all the points of contamination (especially in the hands of an incredibly inexperienced milker such as myself), and my God, I’ve seen the filters after the milk goes through.  But the guys at the shed were so excited for me to see the difference between pasteurized and fresh milk that I finally gave in.

First things first, we let it set so we could skim off the top layer of cream (and we were stalling).

Then a completely unscientific comparison.

You can’t really see anything but the taste is significantly better.  But it’s hard to enjoy it because 1.  I know there’s bacteria in there.  They may be too chilly to be active, but they’re still there and 2.  It is really, really thick which means there’s tons of fat in it.  After years and years of drinking fat free pasteurized milk, it’s not that easy of a transition.  But hey, no one died after drinking it so yay for that.

The next picture in this series was to be a magnificent dessert of strawberries in whipped cream made from the fresh cream we skimmed off the top.  It was a resounding FAIL and it got even worse when I tried to artificially thicken it with cream of tartar.

Tomorrow’s experiment:  Clotted Cream!  We’re going hardcore.