Some of our old favorites came for a visit this semester – biochemistry and respiratory physiology.  And as if they weren’t fun enough the first time around (or second and third, cough, biochem, cough), they were even harder.  Again, let me emphasize to everyone that believes “if it ain’t ‘merican, it ain’t right”, my two semesters in New Zealand have put my time at US schools to shame.  A biochemistry final that counts for 60% of your grade?  Tell me that wouldn’t give you an ulcer.  And it’s not just biochem and physiology; anatomy did its best to trip me up.  Not only do they expect you to memorize all the bits and pieces, but they test you on the function as well.  Nonsense!

School has now been over for two weeks and Steve has pointed out my shameful neglect of our blog.  My apologies.  The first half of the semester was spent struggling to get over the burn-out from the competition semester and the second half was scrambling to make up for the first half.  Now that summer has started, the really cool stuff begins.  Vet students are required to complete farm work and that means cow milking for me.  As of today, I’ve completed 4 days.  Four of the most physically demanding days ever in my 36 years.  Standby for more on that…

Gordy helps...and bites

When palpating for a particular structure on a live model, make sure that structure actually exists on that species. Saves a lot of unnecessary bites.

It took every ounce of self restraint on Steve's part not to fiddle with my study bones

All this for a minor quiz

This makes a good case for investing in a whiteboard