[This is for my friend Lisa and her daughter Shayna.]

Yesterday Stanley visited Wellington, which is the capital city of the country of New Zealand. New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, south of Hawaii and east of Australia.

New Zealand is made of two islands, called the North Island and the South Island. Wellington is on the southern tip of the North Island.

The North Island looks kind of like a fish. Wellington is on the fish's nose.

On the way to Wellington, Stanley stopped near a field to wave Hi to all the sheep.

New Zealand has 4 million people but 40 million sheep!

When Stanley got to Wellington, he visited the Parliament building. Because of its funny shape, most people call it the Beehive.

Since he was visiting Parliament, Stanley dressed up with a nice shirt and tie.

Since New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are reversed from the seasons in the northern hemisphere. Even though it’s October, today is a beautiful Spring day.

This is the Beehive from the other side.

Stanley really enjoyed his trip to Wellington. New Zealand is a beautiful country and the people here are very nice.