My friends Jocelyn and Terry were in London recently and found this awesome antique stamp at a street fair. They know I’m a Freemason, so they bought it and sent it to me, which I thought was really sweet and thoughtful.

However, when you consider all the people who must have handled the package to get it from their hands into mine, this means that dozens — perhaps hundreds! — of people cooperated to send an item halfway around the world. Which wouldn’t normally mean anything, but since the item is Masonic I’m pretty sure it’s proof of a nefarious Masonic conspiracy. Possibly with Cargo Cult implications.

I’m searching it for microfiche and/or demon ichor as we speak. I’ll report later if the Black Helicopters don’t pick me up.

If you don’t hear from me, please contact the proper authorities.


(But seriously, isn’t this thing cool? It makes me want to write a proper written-on-real-paper letter to some Masonic friends, just so I have an excuse to use the stamp.)