After 8 months with Aunt Dana and Uncle Steve, a 13-hour flight in a cargo hold, and 30 days in quarantine, our cats came home today.

Their kind host for their 30-day "time out"

These dogs had been terrorized by Demon Cat Gordy for a month.

This dog was a massive rottweiler before Gordy arrived.

Mojo didn't want to go for a drive

Ready to go!

After a 40-minute drive with Gordito yelling at me the whole time, we arrived home.

So excited!

We got them in and opened the cages… what would happen next?

Gordito owns everything he sees. Everything.

Mojo ventures out next...

Mab isn't so sure about this.

Like any good covert operative, Gordy always knows his exit strategy

The boys start to relax

Puttin' on the Ritz

Attention: Live Animal

Mab is low-walking

When Gordy relaxes, he goes boneless

And Mojo lets it all hang out. Disgraceful.

The king on his throne

Mighty hunter

None of them have used the litterbox yet, and we’re a little concerned that they won’t recognize it for what it is. I volunteered to pee in it, but Cece put the kibosh on that.

Mab is barricaded under the bed, where she will mostly stay for the next five years.

Gordy is trying to sit on my lap as I type this, which is difficult because the computer is also on my lap.

Mojo is wandering around somewhere, fat and happy.

Me too, buddy. Me too.