Spring is beginning to make herself known but she is a flirty little minx.  One minute the clouds are gone and the warm sunshine is beckoning me to come out for a walk.  She waits and waits until I’ve wandered far from home and quickly changes her mind, sending in the dark gray clouds and showering me with rain as chilly winds start to pick up.  When I think I’ve wised up to her ways, I shake my fist at the sky and proclaim, “Oh no you don’t.  Not today.  I see clouds in the horizon and I refuse to be caught in another downpour.”  Of course, those are the days when not a drop of rain falls and there is only the slightest breeze in the air.

After a week of atrophying on the couch and reading the internets from beginning to end, Steve and I were desperate to get out.  The clouds loomed, but for the first time in weeks, Spring let us enjoy the sunshine.  And lucky for us we ventured out when we did.  The hubby and I passed a paddock where we missed a lambing by mere minutes.  We watched while the dam sniffed and licked this new little thing sitting in the grass beside her.

Delighted and curious as all hell, Steve and I forced ourselves to keep moving and leave her to bond with her new lamb.  We came across a fellow ambler also taking advantage of the good weather.

We visited the ladies of the campus dairy who were on their lunch break from a day of milking appointments

No paddock is complete without at least on pukeko stumbling about.

Damned things won't sit still for a proper picture

All in all, not a bad view for a stroll down the street.