The kitties are coming!  The kitties are coming!  The kitties are coming!  Dana and Steve will be saying goodbye to the Terrible Trio and packing them off to their new home in the southern hemisphere on August 30th.  Once dropped off at Delta Cargo, the cats will first be flown to Los Angeles where they will be offloaded, transported to the USDA inspection facility, returned to LAX and flown to Auckland.  After landing on NZ soil, they will then be sent to the MAF inspection facility, returned to the Auckland airport and flown down to Wellington where they will be greeted and driven two hours to Levin where they will be quarantined for 30 days.  The quarantine facility is only a 45 minute drive from Palmy so I will be there the instant I get word I can visit.  All of this travel will take place over the span of three incredibly long and stressful days.  If all goes well, we will be hugging them on Sept 2nd.

If all goes well.  And as we’ve seen, nothing about this trip has gone well.  The two Steves and Dana have tirelessly juggled government paperwork, vet appointments, angry cats and fecal samples all in preparation for this trip.  Looming deadlines, missing records, typos, and a broken microchip have all created roadblocks and untold stress on all of us.  My Steve has taken the reins of this project after he noticed the worst of me being brought out by contradicting government office reps.

But we’re almost to the finish line.  As of this morning, Dana’s Steve is locked in his office with two of my cats waiting for them to poop so he can ziplock the evidence and rush it to the vet for their final test results.  My Steve is trying to contact the NZ government to point out an important error they made on a rather pricey piece of documentation they prepared.  Dana is standing by to rip off the face of anyone who loses original paperwork and I’m just sitting here biting my nails and watching my hair fall out.