After 10 years of prerequisite coursework and one brutal competition semester, I’m finally a vet student.  I’ve never felt more accomplished than when I donned my pair of work overalls and gum boots.

Accomplished, yes. Sexy, no.

The first two weeks of the semester seemed to be an exercise of endurance with non-stop orientation lectures, regular lectures and a mid-week orientation retreat.  One thing they failed to mention in their written schedule – the traditional 1st year initiation ritual.  I did NOT see that coming.  We were in the middle of an anatomy lecture where the lecture hall was raided by the 3rd year vet students all donning face masks and yelling into bullhorns.  We were tied together, written on and paraded through campus while being pelted by all manner of fermented and rotten foodstuffs.  (Side note:  If your food is so stinky that it is used as a gross-out prop in hazing rituals, it is not good food.  Fish pies, I’m looking at you.)  I have to admit, the finale of a giant slip and slide, down a hill and into a pile of horse manure was a flash of brilliance.  I took three showers, washed my clothes twice and still had the heeby jeebies.

Never too old for face paint


Good thing I got these on sale

But it’s all cool because I’m in vet school…finally.