For the first couple of days of our whirlwind tour, we decided to go to Rotorua, which is near the middle of the north island. (The north island looks kind of like a fish; Rotorua is near the back of the dorsal fin.)

First we had to get down there.  Steve & Dana had rented a station wagon (because Dana thought a minivan wasn’t sexy enough for us), and we had to do some creative packing to fit 5 people and 6 suitcases into it.

Any team needs a good manager (aka someone who lets the others do the work).

We got to Rotorua in a few hours, and our first jaunt was to a place called Agrodome. They have 19 different kinds of sheep. But don’t worry, none of them are rabid weresheep.

We're lucky sheep are herbivores.

They also have demonstrations of herding using sheep dogs.

Cece tried to take the sheep dog home with us, but it didn't fit under her coat.

As if they wanted to overload the cute, they also had a bunch of other furries, fuzzies, and featheries.

I think this cow is related to Justin Bieber.

They have one half of a pushme-pullyou

Those eggs would make some big-ass omelettes.

These momma ostriches didn't appreciate the omelette joke.

With all the cuteosity flying around, Steve and I needed to bring some testosterone into the mix. They have a thing there called a “shweeb,” an aerodynamic bicycle suspended from a track. You can work up some pretty impressive speeds on this thing.

"Where's the button for the rocket launchers?"

I did the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

But that was just the warmup to the closest I’ve gotten to bungie jumping so far: the shwoop.

To shwoop, they pre-load you into the bodybags. Saves time on cleanup if anything unfortunate happens.

So that was our first day in Rotorua. Next time I’ll talk about the geothermic pools and the hangi – the Maori version of a down-home BBQ. It’s as macho and badass as you can get while touching noses with a dude.