Surprise! Where are we going?

Before leaving, several of our friends threatened us with bodily harm if we dared return to the States before they had the chance to come out and visit us (you know who you are).  And now the first of the invading Americans will make the long journey and arrive in Auckland on July 2nd.  Specifically, my sister, her husband and my mom.  My dad is unable to make the trip as his health prevents him from 22 hour plane rides but we’ll just consider this a recon trip for when he is finally able to come out here and hike the Tongariro Crossing with me.

We have one week to explore the volcanic activity and Maori culture of the north island and soak up the amazing scenery and architecture of the south island.  No matter what, I’m not letting my mom leave until I can show her an albatross coming in for a landing, little blue penguins scampering in from the sea and the elusive little brown kiwi foraging in the bush.

We’ll post pictures from the road so check in for postings on our adventure.  But as for now, I have to get this house clean for the arrival of our new roommate, Jake.  We have four days to scour the city for a new place to live.  Unfortunately for Jake, Steve and I tend to gravitate towards the weird whereas he seems to have more sensible taste.  Where we end up is anyone’s guess.