For as long as I’ve been an undergrad (which is a long, long. loooong time) I have always loathed lab sessions.  Hated them with a fiery passion for hurting my head and wasting my time with assignments that have very little to do with the lecture.  And they were always boring as hell – literally watching something boil, waiting for something to change colors and then finding out three hours later that you did the first step wrong.  So I showed up to my first day of Animal Nutrition lab full of bitterness and ready to hate every minute.  But how can you hate a lab where you drive down a tiny gravel road in between lush sheep paddocks and arrive here?

View from Poultry Unit

First things first, let’s mix some chicken feed.  20kg worth of secret recipe for happy healthy baby poults.

Yes Mom, after seeing these pictures I also realize I’m overdue for a haircut.

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And then we met our lab partners which came in the form of 10-day old poults.  Yes, they got snuggles and kisses on the days I was assigned to feed and weigh them (did you even have to ask?).

Luckily my human lab partners were also animal loving, OCDers like me so our clutch of poults enjoyed their feedings and cuddles on a schedule you could set your watch to.

Off to feed the chickens

Check out those claws.  They weren’t there the week before when they were just fuzzy little chicks.

Couple the claws with developing wings and you now have a bit of a situation when it comes to catching them.

Obamacare, I need you!

So now our two week feeding trial is over and the trips to the poultry unit have been replaced by lectures on how to take our data and manipulate them into unrecognizable statistical facts and figures.  Which brings me here – posting about the lab but not actually working on my lab.