Gordito (aka Demon Cat) and all around mastermind of mischief

Mojo - frequent vomiter, avid opera singer and litterbox protester

Mab (aka My Nerves is Bad)

Out cats continue to slowly chip away at the sanity of both my sister and her husband.  Here’s a sample of her FB updates for the last couple of months:

  • …we caught Gordy licking a stick of butter we left out for our popcorn
  • Someone threw up in our clothes hamper..
  • I think Mojo has been sitting on my MacBook Air
  • Someone sang to us, clutching his squeaky (toy).  Did I mention it was really, really early in the morning?
  • Someone peed in the bathtub.  We’re thinking they do not like the new litter boxes..
  • Someone threw up on the comforter.  For the third time…
  • Steve bought an air can/alarm system that cats set off via a motion detector. When Bosco sets it off, we have a cat-stampede in the house! Mojo can really move!
  • Gordy jumped up on the desk and threw up on a drawing of our bathroom Steve made on graph paper.
  • We brushed Mab last night. Is it normal to have so much dandruff?
  • Our litter box experiment failed. Someone peed on my drop cloth today.
  • Bosco has decided he wants to be all things Gordy. So, Bosco has decided that he too must jump on top of the fridge. Who knew that a cat could ruin a stainless steel fridge by missing and sliding down the front?
  • How do I tell Gordy not to throw up?
  • Someone missed the litter box again.
  • Just finished wiping up someone’s vomit..

Resident cat, Ninja, is so done with the visiting cousins

Hang in there, Dana and Steve, we’re at the halfway point.