Steve has pointed out my lack of posting and after looking at the calendar, I’m shocked to see how much time has passed.  You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been a tad distracted.  Somehow the first half of the semester is behind me and the second half promises to be a doozy.  So let’s recap:

  • My first introduction to sheep came in the form of hopping a corral and giving scrotal exams to nervous rams.  “It should feel like a soda can in each hand” were the exact words of my professor.
  • Artificially inseminating a cow is far, far messier than you can imagine.  I’ll just leave it at that.
  • Pasture management means you send students out into the pouring rain to measure grass height.
  • Carcass economics lectures make me incredibly hungry which is a good thing or else I’d fall asleep right there.
  • One professor has an accent akin to the Swedish Chef and explaining complicated statistical analysis may be entertaining but not very informative.
  • The professors all assume we have a solid understanding of ruminant digestion.  I had to Google it.
  • I still have issues with the local accent which can lead to very embarrassing encounters.  A girl introduced herself to me.  The next day I saw her and said “Hey, Tippy, how was your test?”  She looked at me like I was insane and asked who the hell Tippy was.  I apologized and said I misheard her name.  She said it again – “Tippy, D.E.B.B.I.E”.
  • When checking the paddock containing pregnant sheep, keep an eye out for any that may be stuck on their back.
  • It is very hard to pay attention to a lecture while standing in a paddock filled with day old calves prancing and bucking about.
  • In Histology lab, I still can’t tell the difference between a nerve cell and an air bubble.

So there you have it.  Basically, I’ve been tromping around in my fancy new gum boots getting all kinds of dirty and chasing sheep around the barn.  When I’m not in class you can find me in the library – sometimes studying, sometimes flat out asleep while waiting for my next lecture.  And you’ll always be able to find me, just follow the trail of nuts and seeds from my trail mix.  I’m like a messy little squirrel with my snacks.