On Friday I took a leisurely 8-hour drive back to Palmy. Before leaving, I said goodbye to the local wildlife…

Sharing a secret with Jake's pet rat

I wish I painted landscapes. I could stand on the top of a hill and paint half a dozen different views just by turning a bit.

Lamb and salad, all in one place

The Maori name for NZ is Land of the Long White Cloud. I think I found that cloud.

"Why can't we all just get along?"

What's that, in the distance...?

AHHH! Vermin!

Bunnies have no natural predators in NZ, and they breed like, well, rabbits.  Most New Zealanders think of them as destructive vermin because they eat everything.

Cute, cuddly destructive vermin. With wiggly noses.

And delicious in a meat pie.