Yesterday I drove from Palmerston North to Auckland. It was by far the longest drive I’ve done in NZ ( about 530 kilometers / 330 miles) and it was beautiful.

A word to the wise – if you’re ever driving in New Zealand, don’t use an online map like Google Maps or Mapquest. The main highways in NZ change names as they go through all the little towns, so when I used Google Maps I got a list of 57 turns. In real life, the directions were “Get on Highway 1. Go north for 8 hours. Get off Highway 1.”

To see for yourself, check out the Google Maps directions here.

I don’t have much commentary for these pics, I just hope you enjoy.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo

Finally, I got a some video of something verra verra cool. New Zealand is a volcanic island, and the center of the north island is a volcanic plateau.

Click here for the video.

It’s an awesome experience (in the original sense of the word) to come around a corner and see a friggin’ volcano in the distance.  I think this is Mount Ngauruhoe or Mount Ruapehu – can someone tell me which?