Left is the new right and right is a protected left.  But when telling a kiwi how tough it is for me to drive, she looked at me in confusion and said “if a 16 year old can do it so should you”.  Touche

Z is pronounced zed as in ned.

Wh is pronounced as ph (so fat is to phat is to what).  I know, bananas isn’t it.

Tomato sauce is not ketchup and ketchup is for losers.

NZ possums  resemble giant sugar gliders

Hokey Pokey is the bomb diggity.  The creamiest of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch biscuits.

“Sweet As” doesn’t mean what it sounds like so stop giggling

We’re not renting, we’re flatting which makes us sound like we’re in Swinging London back in the day.  Yeah, baby.

No shoes, NO PROBLEM!  (I think I just heard the sound of my mom fainting.)

Men love their shorty shorts.  I hope to address this epidemic before it leaves the shores for the rest of the world.

Tramping mean hiking but tramp still means tramp so be careful.  My first attempt at speaking like a local ended up in an epic and most embarrassing fail.