I’ve lost a few days in my recap of my Wellington trip, because I’m on a deadline for a screenplay and when I get done with working on it each day I has the dumb.

So, this is picking up where I left off, after Jonathan and I picked up the Shifty guys at Park Road Post.

At Weta Workshop we were met by a cave troll, a Narnian centaur, and a really really big monkey. A charming young lady asked that we all sign nondisclosure agreements, so I did so.


And with that, we found ourselves back at the front desk. The mythical knuckle-crackers had disappeared, but the charming young lady joined Duncan in thanking us and escorting us to the door.

Outside, we couldn’t help but joke that all of the flora and fauna we saw outside were almost realistic looking, but clearly were audioanimatronics created by Weta Workshop as part of their scheme of world domination. (I say we were joking, but I’m pretty sure the “cat” that followed us down the street had a radio antenna hidden in its “tail.”)

Michael had to get Eran and Riz to a radio interview, so we split up. Jonathan and I would see them again that evening for dinner with the New Zealand Film Commission.

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