This is my new crew, rollin’ down the streets of Palmy lookin for trouble.  My new associate doesn’t believe in names and I don’t ask because it be what it be, yo.

Word on the street he's killed a hedgehog for disprespectin' his birthmark so I suggest you stop staring.

My homie hangs in this alley, lurking in the shadows, coming out only when he wants to be seen, walking with me until we get to the corner Chinese/burger/fried fish restaurant.  That’s where his territory ends and he don’t go looking for beef and beef don’t go lookin’ for him.

Down the mean streets of Palmy

These streets are a mean, life is pain and kids need to be tough.  We got no time for monkey bars or little kid games in this hood.

Let's see an American kid climb this rope contraption with nothing but compact sawdust to break the 15 foot drop

Other cities might have drive-by shootings, but here we have drive-by drivings (and the occasional drive-by puttings).

Gettin' thug nasty at the park

Above all, the thug life dictates that you wear your colors with pride, using the proper materials for their production.

Your gear ain't nothin if it ain't made of possum