We had to get Cece’s signature notarized today, for some paperwork relating to my work visa (she basically has to vouch for me, the poor girl.  She’s like Lefty Ruggiero in DONNIE BRASCO).

So I called around for notaries in Palmerston North, found one in the same building as the Immigration office, and made an appointment. The fella I spoke with said it’d be $45 for a simple notarization, but it might cost more if it was complex.

So we showed up for our appointment and showed him the paperwork. He asked Cece some questions and made copies of our passports and marriage license, and witnessed her signing the paperwork…

And then, when he read the paperwork itself, he said it didn’t have to be notarized. He said a lawyer could simply declare that he witnessed her signing it.  Because he is both a lawyer and a notary public, we could choose how we would go.

So we asked how much each option would cost.

To be notarized, he said, would cost $45. To be witnessed by a lawyer, he said, would be free.

So we asked him to witness it as a lawyer, shook his hand, and walked out of there scott-free. We occupied probably 20 minutes of his time, and he choose to do it pro bono.

So, this post is dedicated with thanks to Maurice Rowe esq., a partner in FitzherbertRowe on Rangitikei Street in Palmerston North. He is a generous man, and a gentleman.