I’m about to go get my first haircut in New Zealand.

(Though, actually, I was going to do it yesterday. But apparently the barbers of Palmerston North believe no one wants (or, perhaps, deserves) to have his hair cut on a Sunday.)

((That’s right, Americans. We here in New Zealand know that today is Monday, though you seem to be convinced it’s Sunday. Not feeling quite so “advanced” now, are you?))

The question for the day is: To mullet or not to mullet?

See, the mullet enjoys a level of respect in these parts that is missing in America.  Well, the coasts of America, at least. And I would like to fit in in my new home.  And I am all about the business in the front and the party in the rear.

So, I think it’s time for the first Stumbling Through Kiwiland poll: should I go native and get a mullet?