So we got to LAX at 7:30, two hours before our newly-rescheduled flight time.  Cece was able to check in with no problem since she has a student visa, but I had to prove I was intending to leave at some point.  (Apparently they had heard of me.)

We had been told that we only had to prove that we had the financial resources to buy a ticket out of NZ, but when I tried to check in they insisted that I had to already have a ticket to leave the country.

Thank goodness for credit cards.  I am now the proud owner of a ticket to Australia just under three months from now. It’s fully refundable, so as soon as we know what’s up with Cece’s competition semester, we’ll know whether I should trade it in for a return flight to the U.S., or if I can jaunt over to Australia to celebrate Cece getting into vet school!