This is what it’s called: Aotearoa.  The land of the long white cloud. New Zealand.

This is where we’re going. And if all goes as planned, we’ll live there for at least five years.

Cece has been provisionally accepted into a really good veterinary school, Massey University. She and 29 other international students have one semester to prove that they deserve to be there; at the end of the semester at least half of them will be asked to pack their bags and leave.

It reminds me of a demented reality show – people are literally being voted off the island.  But then again, most things remind me of a demented reality show, because I work in Hollywood.

We’ve started this blog to keep our friends and family informed of what’s up with us, and to talk about the interesting and funny things we experience as Americans in a foreign land. Two cultures divided by a shared language, and all that.  We’ll be posting pictures and whatnot. It’ll be rad.